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Babies & Games, oh my!

Find yourself needing ideas for hosting a baby shower? Listen along as my coworkers and I host a baby shower for an Iranian refugee family in need. Of course I took the lead on providing the games and they were a success! So glad to be doing good things with doing the podcast, where it brought need and care with lots of laughs, food, and love. We played three games, one called "Don't Say Baby" where everyone got a clothes pin and if you get caught, you lose your clothes pin. Who ever ends up with the most clothes pins at the end of the game, wins. Next, we played "Feed the Baby" where I got each of us a cereal box with a picture of a baby on the front with a hole where the mouth is. In 2 minutes, everyone raced to stuff the most cotton balls in with a spoon. It was a surprise who our winner was! The final game we played was called "Smelly Diapers," with seven diapers all with different smells (all from the fridge, now) it was a guessing game where you had to name the smell. This one didn't work out too well but it was still fun to hear the guesses with the back and forth. Also includes, "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou I am running low on quotables so PLEASE send them in by email, You can find me everywhere Facebook and Instagram @ceceknowsitall Don't forget, I have a website! nothing fancy and a work in progress but it does exist!


This is Sincerely Yours, and I’m your host Cece Denno


Hey hey pen pals, here it is another episode of Sincerely Yours - i have a quotable at the beginning of the show and it is “ My career has been an adventure and not a job” and that was actually submitted by my dad! It definitely makes sense because he's my dad and he likes to work, and I like that he sent in that quoateble. If you’d like to provide a quoatable, I have a couple left, so I’m definitely looking for some more please send them to sincerelyyours@writeme.comor you can send them on Facebook or you can send them to me on instagram at ceceknowsitall. If you are curious I do have a website it is You should definitely go check it out. The last episode was wonderful. I had sponsored the music and arts fun run and actually about the week after, I helped host a baby shower and I’m always collecting ideas and trying to put things together. I think that’s why the podcast is really helpful for me because it gives me an excuse to reach out and offer to help.


It was my co-worker Lisa that hosted the baby shower and she volunteers at pregnancy center. It is located in downtown Boston, and she’s met a variety of people through the organization; she met an Iraqi refugee family, who had a very young family, where the wife was pregnant and we’re looking for some assistance. Lisa volunteered to throw her a baby shower and it was actually quite amazing. My other co-worker Sandy stepped in and offered to help. We planed the whole thing, it was more Lisa directing we offered to help pitch in. I had idea for 3 games. They all went very well it was a ton of fun. The first one was played through out the baby shower and it was clothes pins. The idea of the game is that everyone gets a clothes pin, and you’re not allowed to say the word baby. If you get caught someone gets to take your clothes pin and by the end of the shower- who ever has the most clothes pins wins the game. That was a lot of fun. We sort of lost track, so I don’t know who it was that won that game; but it was definitely a lot of fun to have someone have baby slip and someone else catch them. I definitely got caught myself; but I was explaining the game - so it was a dead give in.


The next game which was called feed the baby, I got cereal boxes.  I asked my entire department, I sent out an email if anyone can spare their cereal box, I’m not looking for their cereal I just need the box, I need them by Friday, and who ever gives me the most will get a shout out on the podcast, it was actually Lisa who provided the most boxes, but she has three boys at home so it makes sense why she would have the most cereal. I had a ton of cereal boxes, and the idea of the game is - it’s time - with a spoon you have to stuff as many cotton balls into your cereal box, on one side of the cereal box I plastered a picture of a baby, and cut a whole through the mouth, a little morbid but, just go with it - everyone got their cereal box and a spoon and this is how much fun it was.


Random voices above Cece “ Hurry hurry, you got to get them in”

voice one: can you do it by hand?

cece: No it has to be the spoon!

random voices and laugher.


The feed the baby game, ended up being the most fun of all the games. It ended up being the couples 6 year old daughter who won that game. Which I believe she had close to 100 cotton balls, but she was definitely working hard. Finally we have the last game, which was called smelly diaper. This one didn’t seem to work as well because I did not find things that were known to be smelly I guess. The ideawas that I had seven diapers and put smelly things in them and they were passed around and you have to guess what was the smell. It ended up being difficult. There was maybe two that the people got, the first and second ones and the other ones were sort of here and there.


This is how the smelly diaper game went.


Random voices again


The game went on like this- it take a little bit longer, but it was my other co-workers daughter, Angelina who won that game. That was my three games, and I’m glad to help contribute to the baby shower. It was big success, we all brought gifts, and it was nice, to help a family in need. One thing that I’m really enjoying with the podcast, it helps the community and people around me. I want to extend that to the community that’s listening. I actually have an idea for a podcast, which might not be in the next episode, but maybe the one after that or - the one after that, and I want to make it an interactive podcast. So I have a gift, and for you to get this gift I need you to email me, and that is - if you say that you’re listening to the podcast and you’re looking for the gift, and if you provide your address, do not worry I will not show this information it will just be so that I can send it to you and so that you’ll be able to have it on hand for the episode and I’ll definitely provide more information leading up to it, but I just want to get it out there that if you’re listening to the podcast that you need this piece for it to be interactive - email me your name along with your address and I will get those in the mail.


Here we are another episode for the books.


This is Sincerely Yours, making sense of making it through life!

Thanks for listening.

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