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So much fun to share how I sponsored the Hummingbird Arts and Music organization fun run in Wrentham, MA. With breakfast bars baked, Sincerely Yours posters made, it was a day full of promoting the podcast. It was an honor to be a sponsor for the event, along with the help from my boyfriend Steve, roommates Rachel & Anne, made the event a total blast. If you ever look to sponsor an event look no further to find tips here! A big hint, don't wait until the last minute to get everything done. Also includes, "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou The organizations information can be found here: Also come find me on anything social (except for Twitter) Facebook if you would like to friend me, please send a little note along letting me know you find me through the podcast, instagram @ceceknowsitall website: Thanks so much for listening!! I love podcasting!


“The ebb and flow of water is much like that of love and life. Do not think your heart dry and barren, for tho what once was has now gone another love will continue to take its place”


This is sincerely yours, and I’m your host Cece Denno



Hey pen pals, welcome back to another episode of Sincerely Yours. I am happy to say it is finally spring time here in Boston. We’ve had some rain but now we can finally go outside and having some nicer weather. So that’s an update here. Why don’t we just get stated.


The quotable at the beginning of the episode was submitted by my friend Lauren, so he has had multiple submissions but his quotable this time was - “the ebb and flow of water is much like that of love and life. Do not think your heart dry and barren, for tho what once was has now gone, another love will continue to take its place”. A lot of fun, because Lauren was just in Hawaii and I got to see all his pictures, and I’ve been friends with him maybe like 10 years. We’ve always kept in touch but now we’re like back on facebook; and he’s on instagram. Its great to have him back in my life and back on social media life, even though he’s always been in my life; that’s my friend Lauren. If you’d like to send in a quotable you can always get a hold of me. I have the email address also instagram at CeceKnowsItAll but I also have the website, which I forgot to mention a few times, but its still there it’s - If you want to go and take a look, I’ve been doing some work on it so it has been updated. So I know I did bring it up in the podcast before in a couple episodes. Today we are actually going to hear about how I sponsored the Hummingbird Music & Arts Fun Run - a lot that went into it. It was a great event. Steve and I ran the 5k and that was a lot of fun. We were there for a bit and then it actually started raining so we had to pack everything up, but all in all it ended up being a really good positive experience.


So I’m going to go ahead and go through sort of a variety of things that helped me prepare to be a sponsor for the event.


As a sponsor I had the responsibility of having a booth. I had some ideas about what we could do with the booth. I thought maybe if I can some podcasting equipment set up people could come and podcast, I actually discovered people don’t like the sound of their voice ( writer’s note: NO WE DO NOT!!!!!)))) so that idea was sort of kebashed. So then I thought, well, just to explain what a podcast was and maybe we could do more of a support for the runners. I decided that - ok we have the booth, we’ll have the podcast; and i decided to make 200 breakfast bars. Now if your familiar with my breakfast bars of if you’re not they’re

 2 cups of oats

1/3 cup off apple sauce

1/4 cup of almond milk

and then 2 bananas, and a teaspoon of vanilla, tsp of cinnamon and then raisons. Not a lot just in there somewhere. They’re super easy you put the oven on 350 degrees (fahrenheit) they bake in about 16 minutes. When I decided to do 200 breakfast bars it was for 4 batches of double batches, so kind of took a while. I left everything to get done on Saturday, the day before the run, the event. I was running around like a maniac. I wanted to get signs done for the booth, have the podcast up, and then of course there was staples they need a full day for the order. Then I go to Fedex or Kinko’s and their machine was broken but, if we went up to Saugus they could get it done. I called Steve, my boyfriend, and he offered to help go to Saugus to get these signs for me. Signs done. Breakfast bars done.I also had my roommates Anne and Rachel come and help me, they were going to take care of the booth while Steve and I were doing the 5k. We had all the prep work ready for the booth and luckily Lori’s accent color for the wedding was purple so I had a ton of purple decor. Streamers and table cloths left over from the bacholerette party - so it all sort of fit in. We had the purple theme going on - we had Anne and Rachel there to help me set up, Steve showed up. We arrived pretty early. Got everything out and it was actually, going to rain around 2 pm that day. We were just out Steve and I got to the run.


Here’s a little bit about that.


Cece: Alright here we are (laughter and noise in the background) at the Hummingbird Music and Arts Fun run. 5k 10 k, how’d we do Steve?


Steve: We did good yea under 30 minutes both of us


Cece: (Excitedly) Woohooo. We got here a little early and set up the table it looks good. Have the podcast all around. I made a ton of breakfast bars 200 breakfast and we’ll just pass them out and hopefully have people become aware of what a podcast is.


Steve: You can get some downloads some subscribers.


Cece:  ( Excitedly) Yay!!!


There we go just a little bit from the event just Steve and I, we were done running and we were both out of breath and it was funny because he was finished before me and did pretty well. There was a hundred people for the race. I’m just so honored to be a sponsor to be apart of it. I definitely recommend checking out the organization Hummingbird Music and Arts, you can find them online - their website It is an organization specifically for Elizabeth Giodarno who is a Wrentham, MA native who lost her life at the age of 24, in a fatale car accident cause by a distracted driver in May of 2009. Through their safe driving initiative they ask their participants and supporters to pledge never text and drive, proceeds will go towards fellowships for distracted driving and crash prevention training, through the drive and control foundation. Through scholarships for local high school seniors and scholarships for current students at Elizabeth’s Alma Marta Curry College. My co-worker Josh is apart of the organization and is so thrilled that it ended up being just a huge success. With that I hate to say, that I have been extremely extremely busy; between work and home life, and the podcast, just been wanting to build so much, because its something that I love to do. The world of podcast is exploding. As I mentioned before I went to PodCast event last year, and really really trying to get into podcasting community. If you have found my podcast I really appreciate you listening it does me so much to me that I have people listening to what I am saying. Again, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so glad that there are events and things that I can keep up with the podcast. I have Hummingbird Fun Run and then next week you’ll hear how I helped with a co-workers baby shower. That was also a lot of fun.

Just a couple things here and there - if you want to check out my new linkedin - it has been very spiffied. I definitely recommend taking a look. Then also you can also find me on facebook. If you do friend me on Facebook just send a little message just saying that you found me through the podcast, and you know I love to share, I’m all over Facebook and instagram. I definitely look forward to that; and don’t forget to send in those quotables. I’m running a little low - so make sure you get those into me.


This is sincerely yours - making sense of making it through life.

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