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Challenge #1: set

Please note that this episode contains loud and unexpected noises. With that out of the way, welcome to challenge #1: set! This episode comes with some exciting news but hear about how I am ready to include challenges along with podcast. I am getting ready for a big move at the end of summer as I leave my apartment in Cambridge after six years to find out what Somerville living will be like. I am not a tidy person so I have challenged myself to clean out my room and find a proper new home for the items here: *Broken printer *Old mail *Expired medication *Fantasy fiction books *Clothes It's been fun but now the real work begins! Can I possibly clean out my room before the big move date? I will have a follow up episode to report back and to see how well I did in the challenge. If you would like to join along, please do! Also, if you have an individual challenge you would like to accomplish, email me at Collecting quotables too! I am running low so any quote, phrase, saying, that can be used in a future episode, email me at Even so, I have a secret interactive episode in the works that you will need a connecting piece to be apart of it. This will be in a month or so, but to get this connecting piece, email me at Basically ANYTHING, email me! Includes "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou.



We all fail in someways, failure is normal and often necessary to continue growing in this life. It is the way in which we choose to pick ourselves back up and continue to move forward that allows us to experience success and happiness.


This is Sincerely Yours, and I’m your host, Cece Denno.


Hello pen pals, welcome to Sincerely yours - if this is your first episode or that you’ve been following along, you know that we have a quotable at the beginning of the episode. We have the quote here from my roommate and good friend and roommate from college, Krista and she submitted the quote and gave : We all fail in someways, failure is normal and often necessary to continue growing in this life. It is the way in which we choose to pick ourselves back up and continue to move forward that allows us to experience success and happiness.  Thanks Krista its so great to get a quotable from you. Its very exciting, Krista’s actually getting married in October, and I just received her wedding invitation in the mail. I’ll definitely have to mail that out and get it back to her. Now, if you’d like to send in a quotable I have an email address, You can find me on Facebook - Cece Denno, or on instagram at CeceKnowsItAll but definitely send in those quotable I have a short list going right now, I need some more.


This episode for Sincerely Yours I have something fun to introduce, I’m going to start challenges, which I am going to have the first one for myself. Hopefully, I can get other people to join in and have something that they can challenge themselves with, and just find some change and positive affects on their lives. I have some good news to go along with this change.  I am moving at the end of the summer, moving in with my boyfriend Steve, and we found a place that is in Somerville. For the last 6 years, I’ve lived-in Cambrige, in one apartment. I love my roommates dearly. I will be moving out, I will miss them. For this first challenge I am ready to set a cleaning challenge, or what I would like to think of a cleansing challenge. I have accumulated a lot of things since I originally first moved out here for college. Especially mail. I’m not one to throw things out, our new place is a one bedroom and it has a little bit of storage but Steve has a lot of movies and videos and stuff so I offered the space to him and I am going to do my best to reduce the amount of objects that I will be bringing into our new apartment. I put together a list and I am going to challenge myself to get rid of all these items in the best possible way. I found that one of the reasons I don’t like to throw things out is because I hate to think of throwing things out and they just go to a landfill. We do compost in my apartment now, and we recycle, and I do a really good job of seeing that everything that can be recycled is recycled. I do donate old clothes, and most likely I’m going to find that these objects to find new homes. If not in useable way rather than just sitting in a landfill. My list begins with five items.  I am going to challenge myself to get rid of these items before we move on August 20.


I have an old printer that doesn’t work, and its not coming with me. Find a way to depose of that properly.


Old mail

Expired medication

Fantasy fiction books - now this is something that I acquired and refused to let go. Its actual a very nice collection of maybe about 70 books. I think that there could be some good use to get out of those. That is the deal with the fantasy fiction books.


Clothes - I do have some specific items that I really want to good will, but I would like to find them a new home.


That is what I have exciting coming up. If I can bring the positive change from the podcast into my life. Hopefully it can rub off and give other people a chance to look around and think that they do not have to live in chaos. I do have stacks and stacks of paper in my room and of all things, I don’t actually spend that much time in my room, I spend it in the living room, so I never deal with it - or never have to look at it, but now I am going to make a conscious effort to get rid of it. So here we go. Challenge Set: Find a new home for printer, old mail, expired medication, fantasy fiction books, and clothes. I’m definitely up for the challenge.


With that I also wanted to send out a reminder that I have a very special episode coming up! I have about a month before I plan on releasing it. It is an interactive episode you will need something from me. I kind of consider it an enhancement for the episode. Please please PLEASE reach out to me I want this to be apart of the episode. If you email me, get a hold of me, you just need this piece. It is a little gift from Sincerely Yours. Email me at, reach out to me on Facebook or instagram. I just want to make sure it is apart of the experience. So there we go! Challenge Accepted. Interactive podcast coming up! You’ll have to wish me luck! And I’m off!


Join me in the challenge 2: LET’s Clean Our ROOMS!!!!

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