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jobs + Courage + wages

A big focus of the podcast is growth through experience where I promote taking control of your life to get what you want. This episode shares a few ideas about finding the courage within and taking advantage of current economic situation. There are a record number of jobs available, over 6 million! Plus finding a new job/career will bring new experiences, high wages, and happiness.

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meal prep your heart out

A big part of the podcast is that I am always provided tips and strategies to help get life in order. This episode provides some great tips to set up meal prep for a busy week.
Also, some episodes gives you the motivation to find the love of your life, save money, and start working-out. If there is a way, you will find it through this podcast!

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Another feature of the podcast is that I offer help to listeners, send in your questions, resumes, basically anything to


catchin' up on son zzzz's

The response from this episode has been a big surprise! I am a total night owl and always never getting to bed on time so I did a little research and put together some strategies to get to more sleep. It's definitely worth a listen if sleep is not your strong suit. Also, it gives you an opportunity to take control when control might be hard to find.

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Finally, I hope you love this podcast as much as I love making it, keep a look at for my 2 year anniversary episode! Any feedback welcomed at :)