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Half Marathon Training Podcast

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forget the glass slipper this princess wears running shoes

The experience of the Disney Princess Half Marathon conveniently provided as a podcast to help you train for the 2018 race!  New episodes will be released for a short and long run each week until February 25, 2018. Find the motivation, community, entertainment all in one place to help you succeed! 

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cheers down main street

The podcast takes us through the Disney Princess half marathon course as we start in our corrals before the 5:30 start time, down to and through the Magic Kingdom, up to Epcot and finally to the finish line! We find characters and some friendly faces along the way for a success run. If this is your first time running the course, this podcast is a great way to prepare and to know what to expect for February. 

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a finish is a wish your heart makes

Take a listen to some of the best songs to get you going and ready to tackle any run! You can find a 9:30-9:50 min pace, or a 10 min pace throughout the podcast to keep you on track.  

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Finally, I hope you love this podcast as much as I love making it :) I've enjoyed training much more this year than I have in previous years and I believe it's the fun music and words of encouragement to get through a rough run. Look for me at Disney, I'll be somewhere around corral H!