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Let's go on an adventure! Life is too short to be stuck in terrible jobs, bad relationships and in debt. This podcast focuses on all positive changes that can be taken to change your life for the way you want your life to be. It takes a tremendous amount of courage so follow along as Cece changes her life, one focus at a time.





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Recent Episodes

A Year Two: Momentum

Yay! Can’t believe it but the Sincerely Yours podcast is two! It has been an exciting year to watch the podcast grow and I share some thoughts behind podcasting and how it works. Plus we welcome a very special guest and get some updates on how life is these days.


Would You Rather?

How often are you in a situation where you ask yourself “would I rather?” A choice comes up and there’s a decision to be made with what you choose vs. the tradeoff. Let’s get really comfy with what drives these choices, the emotions we feel that lead us into the direction that is most safe. But what happens when these emotions are too much to handle? Would you be up for a change? Where would this lead you? Would you rather? Taking into account that we all settle but that doesn’t necessarily mean having constant stress, unhappiness, and fear in your life is acceptable. Challenge yourself and see where it could take your life.

Jobs Apocalypse Survival Strategies

How do we prepare for the future of jobs when everything is different? Take a listen to this podcast of course! Listen along as we discover how to survival the job landscape of the future. No more working at the same place for 40 years in the same role. You will have to offer to be more adaptable, innovative, and risky. It’s time to think outside of the box, take our careers into our own hands, and challenge our own avenues of success.

it's raining deeds & dogs

Everyone could use a little prep talk! When trying to make a big change in life, getting some positive energy can make a huge difference between accomplishing and not accomplishing new goals. A prep talk is the perfect little nugget of positive energy to get you to spring into action!

Small Towns Us

We welcome Josh from the Our Americana podcast, my new favorite podcast (!), to today’s episode. It’s a show all about unique small towns throughout the country. We chat about the inspiration behind the show, how it compares from its beginning episodes, and common themes throughout small town life.

Jobs + Courage + Wages

We are all about JOBS JOBS JOBS in this podcast! Take a listen as I share three points- what your job can do for you, how you can use it as a vehicle to get to where you want to go, and most importantly, how to be happy in your job. If you’re on the lookout for a new opportunity but need the courage and confidence to move forward then this episode is for you!


Be the Change you Wish to See in the World
— Gandhi


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We are looking for guests to be on the podcast. Please reach out! We would love to have your experience as a part of the show. Whether you come as a fan or a want to make a change in your life, we can figure something out.


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