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On The Hunt for Some Buried Treasure

We be on the hunt for some buried treasure! Travel along as we follow our treasure map to find happiness and how to get there. Different stops along the way give light to what we can do, such as:

Postivity- . make little changes in the words you use, do nice things for others, be with people you enjoy, find positive quotes, identify negative triggers.

Think about what you respond to- take into account what methods or tools you can use to help get motivated. What works for others might not necessarily work for you so identify what drives you and gets you going.

Actively build what you want around you- it can be helpful to have what you want around you, if you want to change your lifestyle then find something such as a picture from a magazine to represent that new life. Keep it around and having you focus your energy will be helpful to get what you want in life.

Re-frame if something is a total turn off- it can be tricky to develop a new habit especially if you've tried multiple times but if you re-frame the situation and think of it in a different light, you can change your perspective.

Explore your great obsessions- if something has taken over your thinking energy, actively seek out a new obsession that can free your mind from a negative situation or thoughts.

Pull from other parts of your life- we are all great at being something such as a stellar employee or a great mom and use that confidence in other parts of your life.

Be flexible- it can go a long way!

It’s the middle of winter so it’s always hard to find some sunshine but if we just look to ourselves, we might just find what we are looking for. So grab an eye patch and we’re off to being pirates for a little while!


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