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Imagine a chance to have one of your problems solved, what would you do to get that chance? Well, good news! We’re putting action into motivation and created challenge boxes to help get out of any funk to create a better eating, better exercising, better saving, more self-worth version of you! Each box focuses on the chance to start with a blank slate and build momentum. If you would like a box, they are already made! You can choose one of the follow:

• Eating Better Challenge

• Working Out Challenge

• Saving Money Challenge

• Self-Worth Challenge

They are totally free so email sincerelyyours@write for which box you would like. These were inspired by a challenge I have set for myself to build the podcast so if I’m working with inspiration and getting out of my comfort zone, we can all try our efforts of getting out of our comfort zone together! Includes "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou

There are no more QUOTABLES in the QUOTABLE bank, so send in your favorite quote, song lyric, any group of words with a special meaning by email, message, tweet:

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