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Want to get ahead in your career? You need the tools to get ahead! Let's hear from my friend Chris, would wrote a book about Advanced Excel trips and put together a kickstarter campaign! The name of the book is Advanced Excel for Productivity by Chris Urban and it truly is a good find. But thats not all, curious to find out the history of Excel? We play trivia to get things started! Include "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou The Kickstarter campaign is up until 08/25 so hurry on over to check it out! Website also! Trivia information provided by: Find me all around the socialsphere: email Instagram @ceceknowsitall website


“Change is never a matter of ability, its a matter of motivation and drive” Tony Robbins.


This is Sincerely Yours, and I am your host Cece Denno.


Hello pen pals. This is Sincerely Yours, back for another episode. We have a quotable at the top of the episode and it is “ Change is never a matter of ability, its a matter of motivation and drive” Tony Robbins. That was not submitted by anyone but we did watch the a night with a guru the documentary with Tony Robbins, and I feel very inspired by him, at the same time I do not have any more quotables so, I need you to send me your quotables, and you can do that by email  if you go ahead and send those in I will give you a shout out and read your quotable. This is Sincerely Yours, making sense of making it through life. If you’ve been a long for the journey, since the beginning or if this is your first episode, welcome! I go through a lot of inspirational things. The last episode was a lot of fun. Symphony for the City of the Dead,  it was an interactive episode, if you have not listened to it, I definitely recommend it. It was one of the more favorite ones that I’ve done. Its just a fun thing to listen to.


We are going for this episode, we are going to talk about something in a very exciting way. If you are a professional or if you know how to use microsoft, everyone knows how to use excel. It is can actually be seen from a whole different way. One of my best friends husband Chris, if you remember the maid of honor episode, my friend Lori got married to Chris. It was very impressive Chris wrote a excel book, and its currently up on kickstarter. Its still open for about another week. I will have that information in the show notes so you can go on over and take a look at it. I will play some trivia. How well do you know excel? I want you to play along and see if you can get these four questions right. If you want to grab a pen and paper, or just use your phone I’ll give you one two three. Ok lets place some trivia!


The first question is: What year did excel first originate?

a.    1961

b.    1978

c.    1999


#2 What what the original name for excel?

a.    numero blast

b.    calculator field

c.    mister calc


#3 Who is the original creator of Mister Calc

a.    Dan Brickland

b.    Bill Gates

c.    Noah RIley


#4 How many excel versions have there been

a.    15

b.    2

c.    9

Lets get some answers. The first question. What year did excel first originate and the answer is B. 1978.  The origin of electronic spread sheets can be traced back to 1978, but it wasn’t until 1982 Microsoft jumped into the arena of electronic spreadsheets.


Question #2 What what the original name for excel? And that is C. Mister Calc was a relatively small program with a few capabilities it could only calculate data with in the metrics of 5 columns by 20 rows.


Question #3 Who is the original creator of Mister Calc? The correct answer would be Dan Breckland. In 1978 Harvard Business School student Dan Breckland,  developed a program called Mister Calc.


Finally, How many excel versions have there been? The correct answer is 9! Starting back in 1995 there have been 9 updated excel programs released. The most recent would be 2016.


All this plays into perfectly how Chris has written a book.


Lets hear from about his book project and kickstarter:


Cece: So I’m here with my friend Chris! Hi Chirs


Chris: Hi Cece


Cece: If you remember that my best friend Lori got married back in April, it was to Chris and it was very exciting, you have something to share what is it?


Chris: Over the last two years I’ve been working on a project which is I wrote a book about excel. Microsoft excel, so anybody who uses that for work. I wrote a book about advanced techniques. It’s called Advanced Excel for Productivity.


Cece: That’s awesome and what was the motivation behind writing this book?


Chris: I pretty much spend everyday all day working in excel and I’ve just through the various jobs I’ve had. I started in investment banking, and on wall street and also doing a start up and working in finance right now. I’ve really always used excel and learned really cool techniques, and keyboard short cuts, and macros and VBA and all that stuff. I thought, that I should teach some of the things I’ve learned because there’s not really a book out there that is as interesting as what I could write, that was in my head.


Cece: Right, it took you about 2 years to write it, and right now you have the kickstarter campaign going. How has that experience been?


Chris: I wanted to put this up on kickstarter just to get all of my friends and co-workers, all the people that said if you wanted to write a book, I would totally buy one. So I said GREAT, so I said let’s just put it on kickstarter. I wanted to get friends, and friends of friends to pre-order them. This well help me raise some money upfront so I can do bulk orders. Right now, I have about 60-70 copies pre-ordered. Through my work there about another 50-60 coming. Its great, its been a great start. I’m not a big marketing guru. I’m more of an excel and numbers guy.  Probably if I had a little more help. I could get this out to the world a little bit more. That’s why I’m here.


Cece: Definitely! With the podcast, it adds more exposure to what you’re doing and bringing it to another level.


Chris: Exactly! I have the kickstarter campaign, I made a website for the book.


Cece: What’s the website?


Chris: Its you can go there and get the first two chapters of thebook for free, to preview it. You can get my keyboard shortcuts reference sheet as well as excel functions reference sheet, and macro reference sheet for free download. Its very useful to keep by your computer, for reference. I have some youtube videos as well accessible from the website. Lots of good stuff there if you’re interested in excel and you want to see what are some really helpful tips, just look at


Cece: Awesome. I’ll have all that information in the show notes, and we’ll all be able to connect to it. What is the last day for the kickstarter?


Chris: Since its going in one more week. The last day is really August 24th about a week a little less than a week - and when it ends it ends. Everybody that is listening if you’re interested go check out the kick starter - there’s a link from my website to the kickstarter or you can go to and search advanced excelbook. If you think you’re interested you can pre-order it starts at 10 bucks for an e-book addition or $29 for a physical print copy.


Cece: Awesome, great.  Thanks Chris


Chris: Thanks a lot.


Cece: Good luck to you.


If you’re curious to find out more about Chris’s book you can go on kickstarter, that is open for another week - go an check it out. If you’re looking to make improvements in your career, this is definitely a great tool, that’s effective and helpful.


That’s it for right now. Thank you guys for listening. I love hearing from you - reach out. You can find me all over the place. Email at you can find me on facebook, on instagram at CeceKnowsItAll or check out the website, its not to fabulous, but I’m working on it! ItsSincerelyYours.Com.


I look forward to next time.

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