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Challenge #1: done

Remember my challenge set #1? Well here are the results of my challenge! It was a fun but also exhausting move as I waited until the last minute to clean out my room and get everything packed. I was very surprised the amount that I donated to the Salvation Army along with finding so other avenues for donations. I felt that lots of things went to a new home and not just a landfill. Includes "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou Here are some of the places that I found for a new home: *Jeans- too worn out to donate to the Salvation Army so they were to this really awesome store called Madewell. They turn them into housing insulation for communities in need. So cool! They have store locations throughout the US so you bring them in and can even get a discount on a pair of jeans from the store. For more info, check out: also shoes- found where they collect and distribute old shoes to help end poverty here in the US and aboard. I have away running sneakers and converse. *Fantasy fictions books- these puppies are going to be sold- eventually. Signing up as an Amazon Affiliate, I am going to catalog these and sell them. If this is anyone's favorite genres, please reach out I've got lots to share! *Expired medication- this one did not do so well. Still on the look out on what to do with expired medication. *Old mail- went through soooooo much old mail and cards. Discovered that you can donate old cards to where they repurpose them and sell them! *Broken printer- discovered that here in Massachusetts there are lots of ways to recycle old electronics. Many stores that are nationwide also offer recycling programs. Office Depot and Staples are just some to name a few. As I settle into my new apartment, I am thrilled to know that everything was brought with a purpose. If you feel inspired to use any of these, please tell me about it! It's a great feeling to clean everything out and feel like you are helping others. If interested and want to create your own challenge with me, PLEASE reach out and we can collaborate! Email is Find me on Facebook or Instagram @ceceknowsitall AND even Twitter! @SincerelyCeceD Lastly, we NEED quotables! Send them in and you will get a shout out in the next episodes!!!


Love looks with the eyes and not with the mind and therefore is winged cupid painted blind. William Shakespeare


This is Sincerely Yours, and I’m your host Cece Denno


Welcome back pen pals for another episode of Sincerely Yours. If this is your first episode or you’ve been listening from the beginning welcome. I have a quotable at the beginning of the episode; that is: “Love looks with the eyes and not with the mind and therefore is winged cupid painted blind.” William Shakespeare. This is submitted by Sidra, if you have listened to the first episode my good friend Sidra who lives in Paris submitted that quotable. I’m asking for you to submit them as well. Go ahead and send those to me email is you can find me on Facebook or on Instagram at CeceKnowsItAll can also check out the website for the podcast. The website is


This episode is a follow up to a previous episode, if you check it out: it was Challenge Set #1. I’m very happy to report that I am on the other side of the big move. I am recording this podcast in our new cute little apartment in Sommerville. I’m very excited to tell you all about the fun things I discovered when cleaning my room.


It was a lot of work; which is not a surprise. I feel like I did a really good job, I of course waited until the last minute; typical. I was able to get everything done by the move date. I ended up donating to the salvation army my mattress about 1/4 of my stuff. I did a huge purge of my clothes and got rid of a bunch of clothes. My jeans what I ended up doing because most of my jeans are past wearable, and they really can’t go to the salvation army I found this really cool store, and they’re located throughout the United States and its called Made Well and they have a recycle program for your old jeans. The idea is that they take all of the jeans and they turn them into housing insolation for communities in need. Which is really awesome, its really simple: you bring in your old jeans to any store and then they’ll send them to a company called Blue Jeans Go Green to recycle into the housing insolation. They’ll also give you a $20 off a new pair of jeans that you can buy from them, sort of a thank you for participating. I had maybe 10 pairs of jeans go to them. That was a big donation there. That covers the clothes. Since I started from the bottom I’ll go back up the list.


There was about 40 fantasy fiction books. What I did with these was that, they are here in the new apartment. They are slowing going to be sold. I signed up for amazon affiliates. I’ll catalogue them and put them up there. I’ll have them up on the website as well and you can go check them out. They’re not really my favorite piece of fiction but, they definitely are interesting.


Next on the list was expired medication, this one I did not do to well. I wanted to find a safe place to dispose of the medication, and I did not end up finding a place so they have all come to the new apartment. Hopefully I will do a follow up and find a place for all of the expired medication.


For the old mail - I found that you can actually recycle cards. The front part of the cards. I went through tons and tons of papers and mails and end up throwing out a bunch of papers. I did cut up some cards, you cut the front part. A christmas card or a birthday card, you can save the memories that’s written on the right hand side of the card. You send them to Saint Jude’s Ranch for Children and they repurpose them. They sell them. It’s really cool that I found something that can go to good use, that otherwise would be just sitting in my new apartment.


Then we have my broken printer. In addition to the broken printer I did find a broken hair dryer. I did a quick search and there is actually a lot of information for here in MA. You can recycle electronics. A lot of nation wide stores do provide a recycling program Office Depot or Staples even Target they offer programs where you can recycle old electronics you don’t use anymore. That is where the printer will be going.


Last but not least; I did send a couple pairs of chose to Soles for Souls wearing out poverty. The collect and distribute pairs of shoes for those in need in 127 countries around the world and all 50 states in the United State. That was really cool, I did have a lot of old running sneakers that were pretty worn out and a old pair of converse. I’mglad that those could go to a new home.


That rounds up everything on the challenge that I set up for myself. I’m so thrilled that I found places to send stuff rather than just throwing it in the trash. It did take a little extra time cleaning out my room, but I am glad that we moved in this way, because I feel like everything here is more important and that it was brought with a purpose.


I’ll have links to everything in the show notes. If you feel inspired to clean out your room. It is amazing how things just accumulate. I was in my room for 3 years it was like going through layers. Things from 2015, 2014, 2013! I encourage you if you feel a little motivated to clean your room out. That actually brings me to - I am offering to any listening if you’d like to set up a challenge for your self, I would love to be apart of it. They say that an accountablity partner is huge in accomplishing what you’re focused on. If you and I can put our heads together put a challenge out there. With a little motivation and a little research we candefinitely get done whatever you're looking to get done. Reach out to me let’s get some stuff done. Email is or find me on Facebook or on instagram @CeceKnowsITAll. Actually I have a twitter now, that is @SincerelyCeceD, I’m getting used to twitter I’m just giving it a go. I look forward to hearing from you.

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