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Zephan Shares Purpose

We give a huge pen pal welcome to Zephan, a fellow podcast friend of mine! Zephan and I met at a podcasting conference in 2015 and I am thrilled to share his insights! Zephan owns his video production company and hosts his podcast, A Year of Purpose where he interviews entrepreneurs, travelers, storytellers, and adventures. He is an entrepreneur himself and a well-seasoned traveler so we chat finding purpose and getting things done. Includes "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou His website is here: Link to his podcast: PLEASE send quotables, the well is dry. PLEASE send them in by email, You can find me everywhere Facebook and Instagram @ceceknowsitall also Twitter @sincerelyceced March was the #trypod initiative in the podcast community, go ahead and share any podcast with a person you know who might like that podcast. There are a few days in March so go for it!

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