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Catchin’ Up on some ZzZz’s

Do you have trouble with falling asleep? Then this episode is for you! I am 100% a night owl and have always had trouble falling asleep. I recently discovered a couple tricks to help with falling asleep and I get to share all of them. They include: -Controlled breathing -Counting numbers not sheep -90 min sleep cycle If you use any of these methods then let me know about it! If it works or doesn't, still reach out! Includes "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou Always on the look at for QUOTABLES! Send in your favorite quotable, saying, catchphrase and you'll get to hear it on a future show! You can find me all over the social sphere Facebook and Instagram @ceceknowsitall also Twitter @sincerelyceced If you like the show, please share with a friend!


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