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Always up for a challenge! Follow me along as I become a Production Assistant (PA) for a promotional video done for a local band. The fun! The excitement! The adventure! Curious to find out more about the band? Find them here: Includes "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou Begging for more quotables! Send them along to or find me on Facebook or Instragram @ceceknowsitall

Show Transcripts:

When something goes wrong in your life just yell “plot twist” and move on. This is Sincerely Yours and I’m your host - Cece Denno

Intro Music Hello friends and penpals, welcome back to another episode of Sincerely Yours. I’m glad to report that I am recovered and just fine from the half marathon. I’m so glad I got so much good feed back from that last episode. I’m really glad that people feel inspired, and feeling good from the last episode. I really recommend that if you haven’t listened to “Inspire to Inspire” I would go back and listen to it. We have a quotable that was at the beginning of the episode that was “ When something goes wrong in your life just yell ‘plot twist’ and move on. That was sent in from Jennifer who emailed me at I’m so glad I got an email from her; I can share quotables so just as she did - you can send those into me. You can send them through Facebook on instagram I’m ‘CeceKnowsItAll’ go ahead and find me there. I am looking to collect some more’ go ahead and send them in. 

Week by week I’ve been putting together ideas for shows and seeing how I can have the next podcast and get one together and keep it on a schedule. I have ideas on certain things, and then other things just come to me. For this episode I recently was a P.A. that helped as a production assistant. My boyfriend Steve - who used to work in Davis Square in Boston ( technically Sommerville CECE!) would go to a restaurant in Davis Square and they would have live performances every week. Every Thursday he would go and he got really close to a band called “Scatter Shot” which is so funny because he would go every Thursday for two years, and now not so often.Since we started dating I’ve gone a couple of times, its just a lot of fun. He knew the band but they might not have known him exactly. Then one day when we were walking in Davis Square; Jimmy one of the band mates was in Christo’s was banging on the window and came out and said “ Oh Steve I saw you on the internet”. Of course this is not anything unusual for my boyfriend - and he said “ Oh how did you see my picture on the internet?”. Jimmy went on to explain that this guy that used to own a production company in Davis Square, he checked out the website and there was Steve’s picture on the website. This entire time that Steve knew the band, he would go every week they didn’t know who he was and had no idea what he did for work. Now that he’s moved on they touched base and had an idea for a project in mind - they wanted to do a promotional video for their band; of course Steve being the wonderful person that he is - put it together got two of his friends

Alex: “Hi my name is Alex - did that sound really weird - I don’t know”

Cece: No Alex that did not sound weird. Then we also have :

Kevin “ Hi my name is Kevin”. 

These three very talented guys one Saturday afternoon but a promotional video together - they filmed it, of course I wanted to help out and see what I could do - and my boyfriend recommend that I be a P.A. I did what I could. I looked into what a P.A. Does and I tried to emulate anything that they do. I thought the best solution would be to: 

Cece: Alright here I am just making some sandwiches just started with the first one - peanut butter and jelly and then some turkey and cheese so here we go! I made fourteen sandwiches. I got a little carried away I will admit but I had fun making the sandwiches and at the garage band - where every they did the video it was just fun to be there. Watch the guys direct the band and really help them put this together. 

Voice1: “Just recently we just went back and forth between dj or band - I recently just got married - had we seen this - we would have you know - theres many a convincing argument.”

Voice 2: “ Tell us what you saw when you saw the bands video?”

Voice 1: “ The thing is we didn’t look at this - and I think it was a good idea to be doing videos we found websites and stuff but we didn’t see anything like this with like that band. Maybe we weren't looking hard enough”

Voice 2: “We didn’t see anything either” 

Voice 1: “ Had we seen something like this we would have been like oh ( expletive) that’s a good idea. I mean what I’m basically trying to say; I got married some time ago and what would have made my decision would have been if I had saw this video a year a go - you know,”

Voice 2: “ What gave you safety in the dj?”

Voice 1: “ Its just you know ….”

Voice 2” Turn the camera around…” collective laughing

Voice 1: “ One thing was it was a little bit cheaper and that’s just being honest for us you know”. Voice 2: “ Its definitely cheaper for a dj ….” collective laughter

Voice 2: “ Its 4x cheaper”

Voice 1: “ yea your right, and that was honestly a big concern, and truth be told you touched on something earlier which is just having unlimited songs the option of any song. And its good that you said that you can play along, because I want Wu-Tang at my wedding”. collective laughing

Voice 2: “ I don’t even know who that is”

collective laughing

 Voice 2: “ I wanted to talk about having a 4 piece about having the sound …

Voice 1: “ There are things that are important and things happening. People might not think about that. I wanted to say this, and I mentioned it before; I have a great photo with your uncle and people are like ‘woah’ that’s something they can picture it would be a great moment. Uncle Bob there ….

Voice 2: “ Bob plays the kazoo”

collective laughing

Voice 1: “ It paints a picture and stuff people go “oh man I hadn’t considered that” You guys obviously had a picture - and I don’t know what those things are necessarily but things along the lines that paint the picture. 

Cece: Spending some more time at the shoot and just watching the band enjoy their time with Steve, Alex and Kevin.

Bands Music Intro to Back in Black ( ACDC) and muffling

Cece: They gave amazing insight and made the band feel comfortable and it went so well and it just flew by. They were done in no time. Really really excited to see how it turns out. They did all the filming and Steve just has to do the editing. Then we’ll have the promotional video out. Now of course the sandwiches by the time I arrived and they wrapped everything up so quickly the still got some use.

So whether its being a P.A. for a day on a promotional video or helping you run a half marathon I love helping people so please please share the podcast and hopefully we can get some momentum going. Just to share I have something really really special saved for the next episode - so you’ll have to come back in the next two weeks and see what I have prepared.

Outro Music  

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