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Part 3 of 3: Love Love Love

Here is a peak into my dating experience and how it was not always so much fun. This is the final of a part 3 series where I discuss different aspects of life and when you conquer the various parts of it, you start to enjoy life so much more. As I challenge the ups and downs of finding love, I discover so much more about life and happiness. It was a long journey but find out how podcasts were there to help along the way. Two announcements come at the end, send thoughts to

Includes, "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou and "Renegades" Piano Dreamers play X Ambassadors


Episode Transcript:



Cece Denno: The invisible forces that control human behavior, this is Sincerely Yours, I’m your host; Cece Denno.


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Cece: Welcome back to Sincerely Yours, this is the podcast for the audience about the audience. I’m so thrilled we are moving on three. We had part one career, part two, money, and now part three;we’re moving on to love. I’m so thrilled by all the positive feedback so far; please I beg you please, share the podcast; anyway you can. I do use all the social media, facebook, instagram; if you can just get it out there so we can get more people listening. I would be so grateful. Also if you do notice this episode is out there much quicker than the previous ones; I do have a goal to get an episode out every two weeks. You can definitely look forward to getting another Sincerely Yours every other week. I actually have a confession to make. I’m actually really really bad at dating. Not like, ‘Oh poor Cece’ oh we feel bad for you, not I’m serious, I’m really really bad at dating. It became this really difficult thing to deal with, and after I tried and tried again - a girl can only take so much rejection - it actually was one of the reasons why I went to France, is because I just needed a chance to start over. A had a friend at the time tell me ‘ you know when your work like such, and you home life sucks, and your love life sucks - you just can’t win’ you have to go to an entirely new place to start over, and that is exactly what I did. So, lets go through a little history. Never had a high school sweetheart, never had a serious boyfriend in college, and I didn’t have any luck after college - so I found myself in a situation much worse than being bad at dating; I found myself in an abusive relationship. I’m ok. I’m glad to say I have all of that behind me, and in a much better situation. With going through all of that - and never having any luck in the dating realm - I decided to have a hand at online dating - that became a whole project within itself, learning the little nuances and how the whole online dating worked. I tried it once before - and I dated someone for about a summer and of course - that ended. It became this huge question for me - WHY AM I SO BAD AT DATING?! It honestly doesn’t seem to be that difficult, but when you get into the nuts and bolts - I couldn’t find any any way for it to work for me. I was going through this whole situation, I got back online dating, and I came across a podcast Strangers  with Lea Thau and she had done an entire series about this entire thing - about, what is it in our culture about dating is it about finding the right person, is it about timing - what exactly it is. She herself has had trouble dating - it is a series called Love Hurts and I would very very much recommend it. She goes through her whole life she is originally from Denmark - she came over here she was married to be in the country - not for love - and she found herself engaged and pregnant and her fiancé left her - its such a incredible story. Last winter I was flying home for Christmas and she had the last installment for  Love Hurts  - and she had asked for audience feedback, and she got many many positive and negative responses. One of which really resonated with me and he was a gentleman and he said that she should really keep the faith because he himself did not know if he would find love and be married. He explained that he was a doctor and he was 41 and it was a busy day at the office and he had a blind date set up and he almost canceled and he was very easily persuaded just to go home and do his usual thing, but he took a leap of faith and ended up meeting his future wife, and now their married and have three children. It was so profound on me I was actually sobbing on the plane and sitting next to a couple. It just seems like there is this thing that people don’t talk about there are people who do have a lot of trouble and they have no say in this whatsoever; you only see all the good stuff that people want to share; but there isn’t really a place for people that do have trouble with this - all of this whats going on. Because of that - I actually did gain my faith back I felt that it was certain that I would never find anyone. I had never had any luck I had been having so much trouble. I was really committed to that, yes I can do this, and yes I can find someone and within only a couple short week, I actually did meet someone.


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Cece: I really attribute my luck to finding someone to Lea Thau. When I had the opportunity to meet her, I went to podcast movement which is conference for podcasters, I went not as a podcaster but as a fan. Lea Thau was there Pat Flynn was there Joe from Stacking Benjamins was there. The conference was so much fun, and I definitely wanted to go to Lea’s portion of her story telling and teaching us all how important it is to have a good story. I mustered up all the courage I could and I waited until everyone else had talked to her andstanding there with Harry from Podcast Junkies and I just told her I said “ Lea I absolutely resonated with your Love Hurts  series it meant so much to me it has deeply deeply changed my life and the way I see things and I just wanted to thank you and I couldn’t be anymore grateful”. She was just so taken aback she was just so surprised “ oh your here about your podcast?” - “ no no actually I don’t have a podcast” - “ oh are you starting a podcast?” “ going back forth with the idea of one”. She was so encouraging in saying “ Oh well you should really start a podcast” and of course Harry from Podcast Junkies absolutely agrees so I said “ Ok well if Lea Thau tells me I can do a podcast I can do a podcast”. I just have to thank her so much she’s so nice and I can not recommend it anymore than I do.


With an update I have to report that I am so happy and so fortunate I have found someone. Someone who is incredibly kind. Who is so nice to me. That tells me yes in fact Dr. Dre is still alive, and can have conversations with me at length about if aliens do exist, and dances with me whenever I ask as long as it’s in his apartment. Its just so different when you date someone who is actually a good person.


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There you have it - hopefully not to much information or too many details about my love life , putting all these parts together and having it reflection and having conquered my career, I’m in such good place in my career, I conquered my finances I’m in a good place financially, and I conquered that I can over come many many barriers and obstacles and end up finding someone who makes me so very happy. When you have conquered all these things in your life you just seem to enjoy life so much more. That is what I really hope to bring through the podcast to be positive and make changes in peoples lives. Have a good platform where people feel comfortable. If you are having any need of my assistance. If you’re looking for any help whatsoever, please get in touch with me. I can be found very easily. I am on linked-in, facebook, instagram. You can also email me through the show, and I’d love to hear from you. I have another update - I do have a website - we’re working on the twitter - I have website now, its called You want to include the “ITSSincerelyYours.Com” I’ve been working on it I promise its not to much of a great thing but I do have a website. Potential sponsors can get a hold of me there. Also just go ahead an email, bit by bit, growing the podcast. I would also like to introduce of quotables! If you have noticed at the beginning I do leave a little easter egg if anyone can figure that out I’d love to hear your thoughts any quotes or anything - words meanings anything you can put together - I absolutely love quotes. If you go on pinterest you can find several boards dedicated to quotes and sayingsjust anythingand I will give you a shout out definitely for submitting it and you can definitely look forward to that on the next podcast. I already have one in the bank, and we will be moving on and we will be talking about resolutions and why you should not have them.

Thanks for listening.

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