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Let's go on an adventure! Life is too short to be stuck in terrible jobs, bad relationships and in debt. This podcast focuses on all positive changes that can be taken to change your life for the way you want your life to be. It takes a tremendous amount of courage so follow along as Cece changes her life, one focus at a time.





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Recent Episodes

On The Hunt for Some Buried Treasure

We be on the hunt for some buried treasure! Travel along as we follow our treasure map to find happiness and how to get there. Different stops along the way give light to what we can do, such as being flexible or the importance of positivity. It’s the middle of winter so it’s always hard to find some sunshine but if we just look to ourselves, we might just find what we are looking for. So grab an eye patch and we’re off to being pirates for a little while! 

Exploring Innovation

What does it take to adopt a change or innovation? From the book, Diffusion of Innovations, it explores the process for someone to make a change in their life. Let’s recap the stages of the innovation-decision process, the types of adopters, how important a social group is, and a conclusion to follow.

Inspiration Conveniently in a Package Size

Imagine a chance to have one of your problems solved, what would you do to get that chance? Well, good news! We’re putting action into motivation and created challenge boxes to help get out of any funk to create a better eating, better exercising, better saving, more self-worth version of you! Each box focuses on the chance to start with a blank slate and build momentum.

Quick Round Up

The year is coming to an end so there’s some big news to share along with some updates! A random list put together but all important nonetheless.

The Year to Come

The New Year always brings a time to reflect on the year past and what we have to look forward to. New years resolutions are not for everyone so let’s hear from a group of my friends on what they hope to accomplish this year. Some might make you laugh or think but could also be something that you have in mind for yourself

Growth through Experience

Sincerely Yours is a podcast about growth through experience, but what does that mean? Take a listen as to why it is so important to continuously be learning and growing through new experiences. What does it mean to be in a routine? How can you find the love of your life? Why should we pay attention to our emotions? All of these get answered plus more!


Be the Change you Wish to See in the World
— Gandhi


Let's Connect!

We are looking for guests to be on the podcast. Please reach out! We would love to have your experience as a part of the show. Whether you come as a fan or a want to make a change in your life, we can figure something out.


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