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Let's go on an adventure! Life is too short to be stuck in terrible jobs, bad relationships and in debt. This podcast focuses on all positive changes that can be taken to change your life for the way you want your life to be. It takes a tremendous amount of courage so follow along as Cece changes her life, one focus at a time.





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Recent Episodes

Slipping Out of Our Restrictive Shells with Emily Marquis

We always have a chance to grow and explore in our careers and we have Emily Marquis here to help! Emily is an online career and professional coach for woman all over the country and we have the most wonderful chat about motivation, making career moves, discovering core values, and finding a work/life balance plus so much more. It certainly takes a lot of courage to find elements in your career that fit with your core values and Emily has some great advice and how to find it. Anywhere you might be with your career; this episode is a wealth of information! 

A Hero's Journey

We all love a good story, we grow up with stories and they fill our time either when we’re reading books or watching a movie. From the stories that we know by heart to ones that keep us rooting for the good guy, join us as we discover a hero’s journey and what makes a good story. We travel from a world of the known to the unknown and discover how we ourselves can get from one world to the other. So find your call to adventure and let’s venture forth onto a road of trails and achieve our quest to make it to the other side!

Be Positive, Be Upbeat, Be Excited

If you like the podcast, please subscribe and share with a friend! A positive outlook can take you a long way when life gets tough, rough, or try to bring you down. So we’re all about the positive energy! Let’s dive into the difference it can make with taking a positive approach into what is possible and how to make achievements in life. We’ll cover the strength it takes to overcome large obstacles and why it takes so much bravery. Give yourself permission to be positive, upbeat, and excited cause it might just lead you to the life you’ve been waiting for.

On The Hunt for Some Buried Treasure

We be on the hunt for some buried treasure! Travel along as we follow our treasure map to find happiness and how to get there. Different stops along the way give light to what we can do, such as being flexible or the importance of positivity. It’s the middle of winter so it’s always hard to find some sunshine but if we just look to ourselves, we might just find what we are looking for. So grab an eye patch and we’re off to being pirates for a little while! 

Chasing Adventure with Jen Ruiz

The chance to explore a new place leaves adventure at our fingertips. We welcome Jen Ruiz from Jen on a Jet Plane, she is a solo female travel blogger and lawyer. Last year, she took 20 trips in 12 months while being employed full-time and is launching a book about her travels. We had so much fun chatting about her travels, differences between domestic and international flights, people’s reactions to her journeys, daily habits, side hustles, her new book coming out, plus so much more! The conversation is truly inspiring and will leave you wanting to get a plane to go anywhere!

Inspiration Conveniently in a Package Size

Imagine a chance to have one of your problems solved, what would you do to get that chance? Well, good news! We’re putting action into motivation and created challenge boxes to help get out of any funk to create a better eating, better exercising, better saving, more self-worth version of you! Each box focuses on the chance to start with a blank slate and build momentum.


Be the Change you Wish to See in the World
— Gandhi


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